With the installer in mind, the EZY saddle has been designed to make the job easier and quicker.

EZY-90 available for thicker insulated pains, and EZY-A adjustable saddle to accommodate mounting conduit with pairs.

Make your next installation easier and more cost effective. Save time = save money.

The EZY range of saddles have been locally designed and are manufactured and distributed by Brenton Blue Pty Ltd (Provisional Patent Applied for).

EZY Saddle sizing

Saddle-Clamp for securing 3/8”-5/8” Insulated Copper Pair, 1” Insulated Drain Pipes.

EZY Saddle Pricing

– gideon@brentonblue.com.au, 0402 160 490 or Mike – mike@brentonblue.com.au, 0403 243 199
to arrange for samples, a demonstration or orders.

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