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We specialise in research and development, design, product development, prototyping, low, medium and high volume production, maintenance and service.

For every challenge there is a solution

Our experience and capability spans multiple engineering disciplines. We have been successfully finding solutions for our clients in diverse industries, products and applications and will continue to do so.
Our in-house team and support consultants allow us to tap into expertise into almost all scientific fields. Our deep understanding and experience across multiple fields allow us to assess and approach concepts, projects and industry challenges from a holistic, integrated angle.
Let us assist you realising your next product.
Let us mould your idea into reality.
Let us provide you that unique solution you require.

Client Products

AquaBlaze is 3 systems in 1 compact unit.
It is a portable cooker, water heater and water purifier. It heats water, generates clean drinking water while you cook.
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Introducing the world launch of Clemp, an invention born in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.
Clemp is an internal clamping system like no other, and has an extraordinary range of applications.
Suitable particularly for joining metal tubes, it may be applied to steel, stainless steel or aluminium joins.
Clemp is wholly Australian owned and manufactured.
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With the installer in mind, the EZY saddle has been designed to make the job easier and quicker.
EZY-90 available for thicker insulated pains, and EZY-A adjustable saddle to accommodate mounting conduit with pairs.
Make your next installation easier and more cost effective. Save time = save money.
The EZY range of saddles have been locally designed and are manufactured and distributed by Brenton Blue Pty Ltd.
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