Brenton Blue Pty Ltd is an engineering solutions company. We specialise in research and development, design, product development, prototyping, low, medium and high volume production, maintenance and service.

For every challenge there is a solution. Our experience and capability spans multiple engineering disciplines. We have been successfully finding solutions for our clients in diverse industries, products and applications and will continue to do so.

In house staff and available consultants allows us to tap into expertise into almost all scientific fields. Our deep understanding and experience across multiple fields allow us to assess and approach concepts, projects and industry challenges from a holistic, integrated angle.

Let us assist you realising your next product.
Let us mould your idea into reality.
Let us provide you that unique solution you require.


EZY Saddles



Jacobs Thermal System (JTS)

Electrode Boiler


(Data Security)



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2D CAD Drafting and 3D CAD Modelling

Mechanical component and machine design

Pneumatic panel, control and product design

Factory automation, mechatronics and robotics

Electrical panel and control design

Electronic circuit, board and product design


Data acquisition and control systems

Microprocessor programming and software

PC software and applications


Integrated WEB based systems

Technical documentation, manuals and brochures

Project planning and management

Materials handling


LBBJV (Leighton Contractors and Baulderstone Hornibrook Bilfinger Berger Loint Venture)

Richard Bass Pty Ltd

Mavlab Pty Ltd

Vikind Traders Pty Ltd


Sullivans Pty Ltd


EDR Australia Pty Ltd

Invue Pty Ltd

Golfads Media Pty Ltd


Reid Robertson Pty Ltd

The Web Guys Pty Ltd

Tecmo Automation Pty Ltd

Oz Seals Pty Ltd

Wendy Mills


Gamikon Industries Pty Ltd

Fireworks Digital

Homefresh Organics

Stahmer Engineering Pty Ltd

Fish Harvesting Sytems

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